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Posted by Damodar Bashyal on July 26, 2010


To make room for other plug-ins and modules, I have made a lot of changes this time. I have renamed all tables to singular from plural and changed all file names and variables accordingly. I have now combined common files for frontend and backend. This, time I have given some time for search engine optimization (SEO) as well, so all pages, blogs and links are SEO friendly. I will also continue to optimize as I discover the SEO secrets and tricks in the future versions. I would love to hear some feedback from SEO specialists out there. Since I am not selling this CMS software (I am providing this software based on Codeigniter at 100% free), I won't be able to pay you guys. I really appreciate everyone who sends me tons of proposals everyday, so if you are happy to provide feedback for free, that will be most welcome.

This week has been amazing week -- I got a chance to receive training on Zend Framework, and hopefully I will get chance to learn more next week in advanced classes. Thanks to Mike Larcher, Managing Director of Acidgreen Pty Ltd (A Web Development Company) for paying my training fees. I still love the CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework, though.

Thanks for all the feedback you guys sent me through twitter, email and forum. All the feedback re-generates the power inside me to take Codefight CMS to the next level. Knowing that you guys are using my software and seeing it in action makes me happy and encourages me to make it better and more powerful.

After watching the Masterchef Australia grand finale -- and seeing Adam Liaw win the title -- refreshed my mind and inspired me to write this blog post (a long time after my last post). So, I must congratulate Adam Liaw for the great title and lots of cash prizes. I was also inspired by the Callum Hann's deserts. Watching such a young chef beat every other contestant was great. As its over now, hopefully Masterchef Australia Junior will be as exciting as this was.

Before I wrap up my post, I would like to request that all the users of the software help me by providing feedbacks, ideas, libraries, plugins etc.

I need to wake up early in the morning and its already 11PM, so I would like to say good night to everyone out there and have sweet dreams.

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i need one

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nice post
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