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Posted by Damodar Bashyal on June 08, 2012


As title says new version of codefight cms is now released with version number with code name 'Lighter'. In this version I have organized all the libraries and models in sub-folders and wrote helper functions to load them easily when required.

Folder structure looks like this:

 |_ libraries
 |   |_coffee
 |      |_Coffee_Library.php
 |      |_Coffee_Brand_Library.php

So to load a coffee library you would do this:


//for coffee brand

Same goes for models


//for coffee brand

How about inlinks?

I have couple of domains and I keep rotating them to see what works best, so if I add static links, I have to go back and update all of them again. So, I created tag parser, which works like this.

{{parse-tag title='CMS'}}
//returns: <a href="" title="CMS">CMS</a>

{{parse-tag url='http://d.c/' title='DC' target='_blank'}}
//you can add as many params as you want
//above will return: <a href="http://d.c/" title="DC" target="_blank">DC</a>

{{parse-tag rel='external' title='Twitter' url=''}}
//this will return: <a href="" title=" Twitter" rel="external"> Twitter</a>

{{parse-tag url=''}}
//this returns:

//and finally,
{{parse-tag url='home'}}

Similarly, You can add your own parsers under parser library folder. Check app\libraries\parser\Parser_Tag_Library.php for the code.

To add your parser, crate a library file under parser folder and config like this:
file name: Parser_Yourparser_Library.php
Class: class Parser_Yourparser_Library extends MY_Library

Then you can call your parser in cms pages like this:
{{parse-yourparser key='value' or='What ever you require on your parser'}}

If you create useful parsers, please do share with us. :)

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