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Codefight CMS - version 'Lighter'

2012-06-08 04:51:15Damodar Bashyal


As title says new version of codefight cms is now released with version number with code name 'Lighter'. In this version I have organized all the libraries and models in sub-folders and wrote helper functions to load them easily when required.

Folder structure looks like this:



Codefight CMS Version is now released.

2012-03-24 04:26:11Damodar Bashyal


I am planning to use camelcase function names on future CMS and also adding 'Action' suffix on those methods which can be accessible from browser, so it will be easy to see which are accessible publicly.



Codefight CMS Version is now released.

2011-12-28 20:09:07Damodar Bashyal


After spending my first few days of my holiday, I am happy to release new version of the Codefight CMS named as 'Mount Everest' and Version Number is

So, Now onwards I am gonna give name to every version of Codefight CMS :)

This version has Group Permission. So you can have different groups and give access to admin to certain sections only.









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