Whats new in codefight cms version 1.0.3?

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on May 16, 2009


Added MY_Controller to extend codeigniter's Controller.


To define commonly and frequently used options in just one controller, so we don't have to call those stuff every time in every controller. And making easy to access setting keys and values. Now setting values can be accessed as:

<?php $this->settings['pagination_per_page']; ?>

Like what?

Like site enabled or not. Loading settings before anything. Now you don't have to worry about these things as they are loaded by default when you extend your controller to MY_Controller.

Any more update?

Added settings for pagination. Now you can control pagination from admin. You can define how many page number links you want to show. Default is 2. And, how many articles you want to show per page. Default is 3.

When you set the site to maintenance, the site will be unavailable for normal users but it will still be available for admin.

Registration, Login and forgot password moved to blocks and working better than next time. But it still need modification, which will be done in future releases when time permits.

class Page extends MY_Controller {
function Page()
| define an array $load with keys model,library etc
| you can load multiple models etc separated by + sign
| you can load the CI way as well though :)
$load = array(
'model' => 'page_model + menu_model',
'library' => 'phpcolor + bbcode',
'helper' => 'text + form'
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