Codefight cms, file structure and how to use it?

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on April 24, 2009


Codefight cms, file structure and how to use it?

When i first started to code for codefight cms, i had no idea that it will reach to this position one day. Not only it helped me to learn codeigniter more in depth but it also helped me to write something now and then. And, to my surprise, kevin rudd's stimulus package was the winner todate[23rd apr, 2009] to get the traffic to my site.

If you want to edit something or extend it, you need to be familiar with codeigniter php framework. But if you want to use it as it is with few configuration,then you can setup in few minutes and start using it.

Codefight files are found in different folders. As of version 1.0.0 there are 4 root folders and few sub-folders.

This contains 2 folders admin and frontend. Application code files can be found in these folders. Files related to admin are found in admin folder and those related to frontend can be found in frontend folder.

app ? admin:
Here are also quite few folders. Mainly you will be touching is config, modules and views.

app ? admin ? config:
This has few configuration related files. And you will be mainly touching is config.php, database.php.

app ? admin ? config ? config.php:
Replace one line with your domain. [code]$config['base_url'] = ""[/code]

app ? admin ? config ? database.php: Enter database username, password and database name.[code]$db['default']['username'] = ""; $db['default']['password'] = ""; $db['default']['database'] = "";[/code]

app ? admin ? modules: Matchbox made it possible to separate modules within their own folders. So, there are modules like group manager, users manager, settings manager etc. All modules are separated for easy to find and modify. So its easy to extend admin too.

docs and licences:
this has|will have documents related to codefight cms and licences related to cms itself, and other vendors like codeigniter.

it contains|will contain swf files, uploaded stuffs, images etc.

it contains skin for admin and frontend. Within those folders, there are template folders. Those template folders have sub-folders cache, css, images, js.

to be time permits. Good night for now.

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